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Class Offerings

BEACON at Kennedy 

BEACON School within a School program at Kennedy offers a wide variety of classroom options for students who are looking to earn credit toward graduation.

Curriculum Delivery

  • Teacher Directed Curriculum
  • Online Instruction (Edgenuity)
  • Packet Based Instruction (limited)

All classes are trimester credits (12 weeks per class).

English 9 A/B/CIntermediate Algebra A/B/C
English 10 A/B/CGeometry A/B/C
English 11 A/B/CAlgebra 2 A/B/C
English 12 A/B/CSenior Math
Social StudiesElectives
Social Studies 9 A/B/CWork-Based Learning
EconomicsJob Skills
GovernmentArt Elective
US History A/B/CCareers
World History A/B/C 
Physical Science A/B/C
Biology A/B/C
Chemistry/Physics A/B/C

BEACON at Jefferson 

BEACON Hybrid at Jefferson offers credit recovery during the school day for grades 11 and 12 using online instruction (Edgenuity). Students are required to attend school on daily basis. Hybrid options are allowed when student is on track with course.

All classes are trimester credits (12 weeks per class). Class offerings are limited.

Social Studies 9 A/B/CPhysical Science A/B/C
EconomicsBiology A/B/C
GovernmentChemistry/Physics A/B/C
US History A/B/CCareers
World History A/B/C
Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) are concurrent with Kennedy High School. Click here for more information.
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