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December Family Tech Tip: Modeling Healthy Tech Habits

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A number of
key messages for parents have emerged from the American Academy of Pediatricians. Among them is that role modeling healthy relationships with technology is critical. The AAP states that parents should limit their own media use and model online etiquette.

As you reflect on your own media use, here are a few ideas for modeling good tech habits in the new year:

Minimize Distractions

phone icon with red notification bell
Turn off notifications on your phone or place distracting apps on separate pages/panels on your phone.

two figures watching a screen together
Co-view content on the same device and have discussions about content.


Create Device-Free Times

phone on a plate with a knife and fork forming an X over the phone
Establish device-free times throughout the day, such as meal times.

two figures reading a book
Designate non-device activity times, such as reading, playing games or being active.

Set Goals and Review Data

hourglass icon
Use the built-in screen time and goal setting features on your mobile device, like the Apple screen time feature on your iPhone.

two lines representing cross-platform functionality
Use cross-platform apps that allow for goal setting around tech use, including  Space, ScreenLimit or ScreenTime.

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