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K-12 Pathways Graph

NWEA MAP Spring Reading Scale Scores Linked to ACT Reading Scale Scores

NWEA MAP scores have a developmental scale and high predictive accuracy across several grades. For example, grade 1 reading predicts reading well in grade 3; grade 3 reading predicts 5th grade reading; grade 5 predicts 7th grade reading and grade 7 predicts 9th grade reading.

These scores are not deterministic. Many students who are predicted to score poorly in 3rd grade but who receive appropriate intervention meet the milestone for reading well in grade 3. Beginning in middle school, students and parents may use the pathway graphs to begin exploring post-secondary choices. For example, students who would like to enroll in a 4-year college but score consistently below the green line may wish to discuss reading strategies with English and reading teachers in their schools.

Test scores are not the best predictors of college enrollment and completion. Grade point average (GPA) is a better predictor. In combination, ACT and GPA can provide reliable estimates of post-secondary enrollment and success.

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