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History of BPS

Public education in Bloomington dates back to the 1850s when six one-room schools served this rural community’s students through eighth grade. Those who wished to continue their education after eighth grade enrolled in the Minneapolis high schools, traveling by horse-and-buggy or sleigh, or the Dan Patch train, or boarded and roomed in the city.

In May 1917, five rural school districts - Ferry Hill, Palmer, Kell, Poplar Bridge and Cates - consolidated to become Bloomington Consolidated School District No. 142. In 1918, a school for grades 1-12 was constructed on a parcel of land where the Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington currently resides.

In the years that followed, the district experienced gradual growth. By 1925 enrollment was at 300 and within 20 years had reached 700 students. They were served by one principal and 24 teachers. In the years 1945-1950, Bloomington School District No. 271 absorbed the Kimball School District and part of another to the west.

A population surge in the late 1940s impacted the school system and led to school bonds being issued to construct a new elementary school. Before it could be completed, the elementary grades went to split schedules, followed by the secondary grades in 1954. Construction of school buildings began in earnest as more bonds were issued. Enrollment reached 10,300 by the 1959-60 school year. By 1960, the district had 19 principals and 420 teachers.

Bloomington’s public school enrollment reached its peak in 1970 when the enrollment was 26,739 students. By 1990, enrollment had dipped to 11,376 students. During the late 1980s, several schools built during the population boom were sold and are now accommodating other community uses. Today, the enrollment sits at just over 10,000 students attending two early childhood centers, 10 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools. The district also provides early childhood and adult basic education programs through the Richfield-Bloomington Community Education department.

Bloomington Schools Through the Ages

SchoolOpenedClosedHistorical Information
Bloomington High School
10025 Penn Ave So
19191966Converted to Central Administration in August 1967; sold in 1980 and was razed for the Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington
Cedarcrest Elementary
8900 Bloomington Ave So
19501981Sold in 1982 to Bloomington Assemblies of God
Riverside Elementary
201 East 102nd St
19521987Sold in 1988 to City of Bloomington; building razed and is now a park
Westwood Elementary
3801 West 108th St
1954-Currently serving students & community
Valley View Elementary
351 East 88th St
1956-Currently serving students & community
Lincoln Senior High
2601 West 88th St
19571982Sold in 1984 to Control Data Corp.; Lincoln Field remains part of BPS. Facility currently houses General Dynamics, Bloomington-Richfield Community Education Offices, and Bloomington Career & College Academy
Humboldt Heights Elementary
1700 West 82nd St
19581975Sold in 1978 to Marquette Service Corp; building razed
Portland Junior High
8900 Portland Ave So
19591979Facility became the District Offices and Community Education in JAN 1980; Housed the BRAVO program, from 1996-99. Reopened as Valley View Middle School in 2001.
Creekside Elementary
9801 Penn Ave So
19601973Sold in 1976 to City of Bloomington; became Creekside Community Center
Indian Mounds Elementary
9801 11th Ave So
1960-Currently serving students & community
Southwood Elementary
4901 West 112th St
19601982Reopened as Southwood Center serving early childhood special education students (ECSE)
Washburn Elementary
8401 Xerxes Ave So
1960-Currently serving students & community
Park Elementary
9201 Bloomington Freeway
19611982Sold in 1984 to Hoyt Construction; building was razed
Brookside Elementary
10150 Xerxes Ave So
19621977Sold in 1977 to Bloomington Covenant Church
Nine Mile Elementary
2201 West 108th St
19621982Sold in 1983 to Bloomington Church of God
Northgate Elementary
8201 Park Ave
19621987Sold in 1989 and is now Lutheran High School
Penn Junior High
2501 West 84th St
19621983Sold in 1983 to Northwestern College of Chiropractic
Poplar Bridge Elementary
6401 Palmer Road
1962-Currently serving students & community
Ridgeview Elementary1962-Currently serving students & community
Hillcrest Elementary
9300 Thomas Road
19631987Reopened in 1991 as Hillcrest Community School
River Ridge Elementary
2300 East 88th St
19631979Sold in 1980 to Control Data Corp.
F. Wilson Pond Elementary
9600 Third Ave So
19631979Reopened as Pond Family Center serving early childhood and parent education
Kennedy Senior High
9701 Nicollet Ave So
1965-Opened in 1965 serving Gr. 10-12; became a 9-12 school in 1979.
Oak Grove Elementary
1301 West 104th St
1967-Currently serving students & community
Olson Elementary
4501 West 102nd St
1967-Currently serving students & community
Olson Junior High
4551 West 102nd St
1967-Converted to Olson Middle School in 2001. Central Services (formerly Buildings & Grounds Department) relocated to site in 2001.
Normandale Hills Elementary
9501 Toledo Road
1968-Currently serving students & community
Oak Grove Junior High
1300 West 106th St
19691987Reopened as Oak Grove Intermediate (Gr. 5-6); converted to Oak Grove Middle School in 2001. Educational Services Center (formerly District Offices) relocated to site in 2001.
Jefferson Senior High
4001 West 102nd St
1970-Opened in 1970 serving Gr. 10-12; became a 9-12 school in 1979.
Valley View Middle
8900 Portland Ave So
2001-Formerly Portland Junior High and District Offices.

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