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Restricted Procedure Oversight Committee

Committee Members

  • Calvin Keasling, Principal, Hillcrest Community School
  • Roberto Cantu, Principal, Poplar Bridge Elementary School
  • Sydney Condon, School Psychologist
  • Sara Becker, School Psychologist
  • Deirdra Yarbro, School Social Worker, Expert in Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Carol Nanneman, School Social Worker, District Expert in Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Allison Garder, Special Education Teacher
  • Carol Nanneman, School Social Worker
  • Erlene Schwartz, District Behavorial Specialist
  • Carmen Meyer, Special Education Supervisor
  • Chris Christenson, Special Education Supervisor
  • JoAnn Ramler, Elementary Special Education Coordinator


Meetings are held from 1 - 2:30 p.m. at the Educational Services Center, room 301M

  • October 30
  • December 11 
  • February 26
  • April 30

The District Oversight Committee meets quarterly regarding the use of restrictive procedures for students with disabilites.  The committee will review the following data about behavior patterns of students; 

  • Similarities in the time of day, day of week, duration of the use of a restrictive procedure,
  • The individuals involved, or other factors associated with the use of restrictive procedures;
  • The number of times restrictive procedure is used school wide and for individual children;
  • The number and types of injuries, if any, resulting from the use of restrictive procedures
  • Whether restrictive procedures were used in nonemergency situations;
  • The need for additional staff training; and 
  • Proposed actions to minimize the use of restrictive procedures. 


Erlene Schwartz


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