High School Gifted Programs

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Dimensions Academy

Dimensions Academy High School (DAHS) is an innovative approach to gifted education at the high school level. Students can apply for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and /or the Humanities (English and social studies) strand. Advanced learners have the opportunity to participate in a cohort taking college-level courses at college pacing. Courses are taught by high school teachers with specific training in teaching advanced learners, with support from Gifted and Talented team specialists.  We use a dual-campus model in order for students at both high schools to access either or both programs. A shuttle will be provided for transportation between the high schools. 

Students must apply for DAHS regardless of past participation in gifted and talented programs in elementary or middle school.


9th Grade

  • Honors Algebra II
  • Honors PreCalc
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Computer Science Principles

10th Grade

  • AP Calc BC
  • AP Physics C

Incoming students don’t need to have completed Geometry to be in the program but they will need to take Geometry over the summer or concurrently so they have some geometry background prior to taking PreCalc.

DAHS STEM Placement Criteria

  • Minimum of 2 consecutive years of middle school achievement data (e.g. MAP) => 95 percent (national) on reading and math
  • IQ Measure => 95 percent (administered by an approved licensed psychologist/psychiatrist)


DAHS Humanities Courses

9th Grade

  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Comparative Politics
  • Pre AP English 1 
  • Freshman Composition*

10th Grade

  • AP World History 
  • AP European History
  • DA Honors English
  • Intro to Modern Literature *
  • Creative Writing *

*Dual enrollment courses where students will earn college and high school credit.

DAHS Humanities Placement Criteria

  • Minimum of 2 consecutive years of middle school achievement data (e.g. MAP) =>95% (national) on reading and math
  • -OR-
  • IQ Measure =>95% (administered by an approved licensed psychologist/psychiatrist)



Nobel is an honors humanities pathway designed to nurture and develop the creativity of high school students.  Students who have been identified as creatively talented are grouped together in a cohort where they work with teachers who have been trained to grow creativity. Focusing on critical thinking and creativity, students engage in a rich curriculum connecting literature, social sciences, philosophy and the arts. Nobel is located at Kennedy High School. 

Core Nobel Courses

  • Nobel 9 English
  • Interdisciplinary 10: AP World History & Honors 10 English with dual enrollment credit
  • Interdisciplinary 11: AP US History & AP Language & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition

Many electives are also available.  Students are grouped in a Nobel cohort for advisory.

Nobel Placement Criteria

  • MAP reading score of 85 percent or higher. Placement points awarded as follows:
    • 85-89 percent = 1 point
    • 90 percent and higher = 2 points
  • Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT). Students are scored on eleven verbal and figural categories of creativity. Placement points are awarded as follows on each category:
    • 51-69 percent = 1 point
    • 70-89 percent = 2 points
    • 90 percent and higher = 3 points
  • Strong teacher and parent recommendations
  • Applicants with the highest cumulative scores are placed first. District students are given priority. 

Students who complete the Nobel program at Valley View Middle School will automatically be placed in the Kennedy High School cohort. However, it is not a requirement that a student attended VVMS Nobel or other Bloomington middle school to be placed in the high school Nobel cohort.  

For all Learners

In addition to the Dimensions Academy High School and Nobel programs, Gifted and Talented staff work with our high schools to support staff in differentiated instruction and support students with options for advanced learning and enrichment. Learn how we support advanced learners in BPS high schools.