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Homebound Instruction

Who is eligible for Homebound services?

The Bloomington Public School District provides a program of instruction to students who are unable to attend school due to prolonged illness, disability, suspension, or expulsion. The Homebound Instruction Program is under the supervision of the Director of Student Services and coordinated through school principals, counselors, and child study team leaders.

What type of instruction does the student receive?

The primary goal of homebound instruction is to allow students to continue their educational programs when they are unable to attend school. The instruction is designed to meet the students’ individual needs and, whenever possible, be coordinated with a home school to minimize readjustment problems when the student returns to school. The Director of Student Services must approve all homebound instruction.

Who do I contact?

If you feel your child has a need for homebound instruction, please contact the principal or counselor at your child’s school or the Student Services office at 952-681-6504.

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