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Advisory Groups

The Office of Educational Equity is always happy to hear input from students, parents and community members. If you are interested in joining one of the following advisory groups, please contact us at 952-681-6420

American Indian Parent Advisory Committee

This group is committed to meeting the unique educational and cultural needs of students with American Indian ancestry. In addition to promoting  academic excellence, the program nurtures greater knowledge and understanding of the students' cultural heritage. Services provided include tutoring, monthly gatherings, summer and out-of- school programs, and peer groups. For more information, please contact the Indian Education Office at 952-806-7954

Community Collaboration Council (CCC)

The objective of the CCC is to design an integration plan that meets state requirements and best serves the needs of the targeted community. Members of the CCC are committed to achieving excellence for all students and providing meaningful interracial experiences and education for all learners, in support of high expectations and achievement.

For more information about the CCC's evaluation of the 3-year Integration Plan, view the following FAQs.

District Diversity Advisory Council (DDAC)

The District Diversity Advisory Council is responsible for            advising the superintendent/designee in all matters concerning diversity and inclusion. The District Diversity Advisory Council provides information to the administration regarding any policy, program, or activity that deals with diversity or inclusion. The Committee interfaces with the City of Bloomington Human Rights Commission, other governmental agencies, schools, and community and business organizations on any matters involving human relations or diversity.

The membership of the DDAC reflects a wide range of contributions by and roles open to men and women of many different races and cultures throughout our schools and community.

Responsibilities of the DDAC
District Diversity Advisory Council 

Additional district-wide parent and student groups

  • Empowering Parents with African American Students  (EPAS)
  • Latino Parent Association (LPA)
  • Somali Parent Association (SPA)
  • Girls. In. Real. Life. Situations (GIRLS)
  • Student Equity Team
  • OEE Leadership Groups
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